Raysko Praskalo

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Coordinates: 42°42′43″N 24°55′28″E / 42.711936°N 24.924440°E / 42.711936; 24.924440

Raysko Praskalo
Райско пръскало
View to the waterfall from Ray mountain refuge
Location Balkan Mountains Bulgaria Bulgaria
Type Plunge
Total height 124.5
Number of drops 1

Raysko Praskalo (Bulgarian: Райско пръскало, "Heavenly Spray"), 124.5 m in height, is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. It is situated under Botev Peak (2,376 m) in the central section of the Balkan Mountains and is part of the Dzhendema Reserve of the Central Balkan National Park. The nearest town is Kalofer, at 11 km to the south.

The waterfall takes water from the snow drifts on Botev Peak and forms the river Praskalska which is a tributary to the Byala Reka River. The flow of fall is at its peak during summer.

In the foothills of Raysko Praskalo is located the 120-bed Ray mountain refuge which is the starting point for the tourist trails to the waterfall.

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