Razboyna, Targovishte Province

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winter view with the Preslav Mountain in the background
winter view with the Preslav Mountain in the background
Razboyna is located in Bulgaria
Location of Razboyna
Coordinates: 43°13′14″N 26°33′33″E / 43.22056°N 26.55917°E / 43.22056; 26.55917Coordinates: 43°13′14″N 26°33′33″E / 43.22056°N 26.55917°E / 43.22056; 26.55917
Country  Bulgaria
Provinces (Oblast) Targovishte
Municipality (Obshtina) Targovishte
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 559
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 7707

Razboyna (Bulgarian: Разбойна) is a village located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria in Targovishte Municipality, Targovishte Province.

Razboyna is situated at the northern foot of the Preslav Mountain just by the ring road of Targovishte. The village lies in the vicinity of the Polyanitsa Reservoir. Although it has its own mayoralty, the village is considered as a quarter or suburb of the town of Targovishte. It is connected to the town's public transport system.

The majority of Razboyna's population consist of Turks who are Sunni Muslims, closely followed by Bulgarians who are Orthodox Christians.[citation needed] Its population have mostly settled in Razboyna during the communist rule. There is a community centre (chitalishte) in the village, registered as number 2750 by the Ministry of Culture (Bulgaria). The road that pass through Razboyna leads to a forest land, called Sondite, which is part of the Preslav Mountain. The site is known for its glades filled with lilac shrubs and red peonies.




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