Razi University

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Razi University
دانشگاه رازي
Razi University logo
Type Public
Established 1972
President Mohammad Ebrahim Aalami Aleagha
Academic staff
Students 8,902
Location Kermanshah, Iran
34°23′25″N 47°06′40″E / 34.39028°N 47.11111°E / 34.39028; 47.11111Coordinates: 34°23′25″N 47°06′40″E / 34.39028°N 47.11111°E / 34.39028; 47.11111
Campus Urban
Website www.razi.ac.ir

Razi University (Persian: دانشگاه رازی‎‎) is a public university based in Kermanshah, Iran.

It is a center of research in many STEM fields such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), membrane research, nano-science, and nanotechnology. The school's Science and Engineering Departments attract many Iranian high school graduates as well as many graduate school applicants from all over Iran with a majority admitted from western provinces.[1]

The university has over 8,000 students, enrolled in several bachelor's (B.A., B.S.), master's (M.A., M.S.), and Ph.D. programs.

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