Razi University

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Razi University
دانشگاه رازي
Razi University logo
Type Public
Established 1972
President Mohammad Ebrahim Alami Al Aqa
Academic staff
Students 8,902
Location Kermanshah, Iran
34°23′25″N 47°06′40″E / 34.39028°N 47.11111°E / 34.39028; 47.11111Coordinates: 34°23′25″N 47°06′40″E / 34.39028°N 47.11111°E / 34.39028; 47.11111
Campus Urban
Website www.razi.ac.ir

Razi University (Persian: دانشگاه رازی‎‎) is a public university based in Kermanshah, Iran.

It is a center of research in many STEM fields such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), membrane research, nano-science and nanotechnology. Razi University is ranked first in western Iran and third among Iran's public universities. The school's Science and Engineering departments attract many Iranian high school graduates as well as many graduate school applicants from all over Iran with a majority admitted from western provinces.[1]

The university has over 8,000 students, enrolled in several bachelor's (B.A., B.S.), master's (M.A., M.S.), and Ph.D. programs.

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