Razlog Valley

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Coordinates: 41°52′N 23°30′E / 41.867°N 23.500°E / 41.867; 23.500

View of the valley and the town of Razlog with the mountains in the background

The Razlog Valley (Bulgarian: Разложка котловина, Razlozhka kotlovina) is a valley in southwestern Bulgaria located between the high Rila (to the north and northwest), Pirin (to the south and southwest) and Rhodope Mountains (to the east). The nature of the valley was influenced by both the Alpine character of Rila and Pirin and the Mediterranean climate of the Aegean Sea from the south.

The valley is located at 865 m above sea level. Villages in the area include Banya, Bachevo, Bansko, Dobarsko, Godlevo, Gorno Draglishte, Dolno Draglishte, Eleshnitsa, as well as the town of Razlog named after the region in 1923 and previously known as Mehomiya.

The Razlog Valley is abundant in water resources, including many tributaries of the Mesta River, as well as hot springs in the villages of Banya, Bachevo and Eleshnitsa and the Razhdavets and Katarino areas, with the temperature of some of the springs reaching 60°C and the discharge 70-80 litres per second.

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