Razmik Davoyan

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Razmik Davoyan
Razmik Davoyan.JPG
Born (1940-07-03) July 3, 1940 (age 77)
Mets Parni, Spitak
Nationality Armenian
Alma mater Armenian State Pedagogical University
Occupation poet

Razmik Davoyan (Armenian: Ռազմիկ Դավոյան, born July 3, 1940) is an Armenian poet.


He was born in Mets Parni, Spitak rayon, Armenian SSR and studied at Armenian State Pedagogical University. He published a number of poem's collections ("My world", 1963, "Massacre of the Crosses", 1972, "The sad elephant", 1978, etc.). His poem "Requiem" (1969) is dedicated to the darkest pages of history of Armenian people. Davoyan's famous poems include "Unwrap your skin", "The spider", "After Narekatsi". In 1971 he received the Prize of Armenian Komsomol. In 1986 he received Armenia’s State Prize for Literature.

From 1994 to 1996 he was the head of Writers Union of Armenia.


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  • Whispers and Breath of the Meadows, Arc Publications UK, 2010.


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