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Razorcuts were an indie pop band formed in 1984 in London.[1] The group centred on Gregory Webster and Tim Vass (who were previously in The Cinematics), with various musicians including Peter Momtchiloff of Heavenly, Angus Stevenson (later of the Relationships), and New Zealand drummer David Swift.[1] Early releases on the Subway Organisation label, including the debut Big Pink Cake led to a deal with Creation Records for whom they released two albums. Razorcuts split up on 21 April 1990, with Vass going on to form Red Chair Fadeaway, and Webster to The Carousel and Saturn V.[1][2] The duo were reunited under the name 'Forever People' in 1992 for a one-off single on Sarah Records.[1]


Chart placings are from the UK Indie Chart.[3]


  • Storyteller (1988, Creation Records, CRELP026)
  • The World Keeps Turning (1989, Creation Records, CRELP045/CRECD045 - CD includes Storyteller)
  • Patterns On The Water: A Retrospective compilation (1991, Creation Records, CRECD119)
  • R Is For Razorcuts compilation (2002, Matinée Recordings, MATCD12)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • "Sad Kaleidoscope" (7" flexi, 1986, The Legend!, LEG 100) (split flexi with The Wolfhounds)
  • "Big Pink Cake" (7", 1986, Subway Organisation, SUBWAY 5) No. 44
  • "Sorry To Embarrass You" (7"/12", 1986, Subway Organisation, Subway 8(T)) No. 10
  • "Sad Kaleidoscope" (7" flexi, 1987, Sha-la-la, BA 002) (split flexi with Talulah Gosh given away with fanzines Are You Scared To Get Happy? No. 3 and Trout Fishing In Leytonstone No. 3)
  • "I Heard You The First Time" (7"/12", 1987, Flying Nun UK, FNUK9(T)) No. 15
  • "Sometimes I Worry About You" (7", 1990, Caff Corporation, CAFF10)
  • "A Is For Alphabet EP" (CD EP, 2003, Matinée Recordings, MATCD47)


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