Razors on Backstreet

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Razors on Backstreet
Aural Vampire Razors on Backstreet Cover.jpg
Studio album by Aural Vampire
Released December 7, 2013 (Japan)
March 7, 2014 (Worldwide)
Recorded 2011 - 2013
Genre Darkwave, synthpop, gothic rock
Length 50:00
Label Yottabyte Records
Producer Raveman
Aural Vampire chronology
Kerguelen Vortex EP
Razors on Backstreet
Mimic Your Hairstyle
Singles from Razors on Backstreet
  1. "Soloween"
    Released: October 10, 2012

Razors on Backstreet (stylized as RAZORS ON BACKSTREET) is the third studio album by Japanese Darkwave band, Aural Vampire.[1] The album was released December 7, 2013 in Japan, and will be released internationally on March 7, 2014.[2]



Musical Style[edit]

The album features a much heavier, rock-influenced style of music. The album is the first to feature new band members; Wu-Chy on bass, Higuchuuhei on guitar, Zen on keyboard, and Izu on drums. Previous releases (with the exception of "Soloween") featured only lead-vocalist Exo-Chika and producer Raveman.

Artwork and Theme[edit]

The album has an 80's horror theme. Both the cover and title of the album are an allusion to the 1984 American horror slasher film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is the band's first album cover to not feature lead-singer Exo-Chika, instead it features only their producer, Raveman.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Main Theme (メインテーマ Mein Tēma?)"   1:18
2. "Carpe Noctem (カルペノクテム Karupe Nokutemu?)"   3:43
3. "MAILER-DEMON"   4:36
4. "Kerguelen Vortex (ケルゲレンボルテックス Kerugeren Borutekkusu?)" (Album Version) 4:59
5. "Bad Taste Youth"   3:49
6. "NO-SEE-UM"   3:47
7. "Yama no Ox Bakery (山のオックスベーカリー Yama no Okkusu Bēkarī?)"   3:13
8. "BIG BUG HUNTER"   0:52
9. "Sex to Gang to Children (セックスとギャングとチルドレン Sekkusu to Gyangu to Chirudoren?, Sex and Gang and Children)"   3:53
10. "Mukuromantic (ムクロマンティック Mukuromantikku?)"   5:50
11. "FRAGILE"   3:43
12. "Soloween (ソロウィン Sorōin?)"   4:26
13. "Robinson (ロビンソン?)"   5:51
Total length:


  • Exo-Chika – vocals
  • Raveman – production, lyrics
  • Wu-Chy – bass
  • Higuchuuhei – guitar
  • Zen – keyboard
  • Izu – drums

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