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RCP may refer to:


In computer technology[edit]

  • Rapid control prototyping, a process that lets engineers quickly test and iterate their control strategies
  • Rich Client Platform, a software development platform helping software developers to rapidly build new applications
  • RCP (chip), a co-processor chip designed by Silicon Graphics for use in the Nintendo 64 gaming system
  • rcp (Unix), a command on the Unix operating systems that is used to remote copy a file
  • Restore Cursor Position (ANSI), an ANSI X3.64 escape sequence
  • Remote Control Protocol, a protocol that allows CEC enabled TVs to control MHL compatible devices
  • Rate Control Protocole

In architecture[edit]

In medicine[edit]



  • Representative Concentration Pathways, scenarios of greenhouse gas trajectories
  • Right Circular polarization, in radio communications/radio astronomy
  • Rapid Crack Propagation, in testing of plastic pipes
  • Radiochemical Purity, % radiodetected peak area of the intact radiolabeled peptide vs. all radio peaks measured during the same analyses.