Revisioned: Tomb Raider Animated Series

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Revisioned: Tomb Raider
Revisioned TR logo.png
Series opening logo
Created by Ricardo Sanchez
Voices of Minnie Driver
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer(s) Ricardo Sanchez & Christopher Peeler
Producer(s) Elliot Blake
Running time approx. 6 min. per episode
Original release July 10 – November 13, 2007

Revisioned: Tomb Raider (trademarked as Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider) is a ten-part animated series based on the Tomb Raider series. It was distributed through the online video game service GameTap from July 10, 2007 to November 13, 2007. The series consists of various animation and comic book talent's renditions of Lara Croft, presented in the form of animated short films. The series was originally intended to conclude on August 23, 2007, but the date for the final episode was changed to November 13, 2007.


Even though the styles of the episodes vary, the voice actress for Lara Croft, Minnie Driver, remains constant throughout the series. The main criticisms[weasel words] that the series has received are that the varying animation styles are somewhat confusing and that the storylines of the episodes tend to be rather thin. While the production team had great creative freedom, they were given a basic guideline for the character by the developers so that Lara would not do anything out of character.[1]

Revisioned: Tomb Raider is the first season of the GameTap TV original animated series Revisioned, which explored and re-imagined well-known video game franchises.[2]

Episodes list[edit]

Episode Number Title Airdate Designs Writer
01 "Keys to the Kingdom (Part 1)" July 10, 2007 Peter Chung Peter Chung
Lara Croft is drawn into a web of religious intrigue and assassins when an archaeologist is murdered just after he claims to have discovered a way to bring the dead back to life.
02 "Keys to the Kingdom (Part 2)" July 11, 2007 Peter Chung Peter Chung
Continuity of part 1.
03 "Keys to the Kingdom (Part 3)" July 12, 2007 Peter Chung Peter Chung
Continuity of part 2.
04 "Revenge of the Aztec Mummy" July 19, 2007 David Álvarez Brian Pulido
Hijinks ensue when Lara Croft stumbles upon the resurrection of Moctezuma, an Aztec mummy.
05 "Angel Spit (Part 1)" July 26, 2007 Cully Hamner Warren Ellis
Lara Croft ventures to Antarctica in search of a mysterious substance that has the capability to cure any disease, but what dark secret does the substance also hold?
06 "Angel Spit (Part 2)" July 26, 2007 Cully Hamner Warren Ellis
Continuity of part 1.
07 "Lara Croft: Legacy" August 2, 2007 Ivan Reis Brian Pulido
Lara Croft's search for an ancient scepter leads her to a monastery where she must survive an army of half-man/half-beast creatures.
08 "Pre-Teen Raider" August 9, 2007 Six Point Harness Gail Simone
Lara Croft wasn't always one of the world's most successful Tomb Raiders. See how a twelve-year-old Lara honed her craft during her early years at the Croft Academy.
09 "Raising Thaumopolis" August 16, 2007 Louie del Carmen Michael A. Stackpole
Lara Croft must solve three ancient challenges in order to claim the ultimate prize when she discovers the lost underwater city of Thaumopolis.
10 "A Complicated Woman" November 13, 2007 Jim Lee Jim Lee, Christos N. Gage
While recovering the ancient Treasure of Perseus, three fortune hunters tell the tale of how each of them killed Lara Croft... or at least, seemed to.


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