Re-Pink: Bonnie Pink Remixes

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Remix album by Bonnie Pink
Released February 27, 2002
Recorded 1996-2001
Genre Soul, electronica, pop rock, urban contemporary
Label Warner Music Japan
Bonnie Pink chronology
Just a Girl

"re*PINK" was Bonnie Pink's first remix album released under the Warner Music Japan label on February 27, 2002.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Just a Girl (Chamber Funk Remix) (from Just a Girl)
  2. Sweet (Edwards Extended Vocal Mix) (from Just a Girl)
  3. Reason (Season Dub) (from Let Go)
  4. Sleeping Child (The Gyration of Virgin Microbes Mix) (from Let Go)
  5. Take Me In (DJ Hasebe Remix) (from Just a Girl)
  6. Communication (Atom Remix) (from Just a Girl)
  7. Thinking of You (Rosary Redeem Mix) (from Just a Girl)
  8. Fish (Cornelius Remix) (from Let Go)
  9. Orenji (Tei $ Towa Remix) (オレンジ Orange?) (from Blue Jam)