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Rearmament may refer to:

  • German re-armament (Aufrüstung), the growth of the German military in contravention of the Versailles treaty (1930s)
  • British re-armament, the modernisation of the British military in response to German re-armament (1930s)
  • Salonika Agreement (31 July 1938), a treaty permitting Bulgaria to re-arm contrary to the Treaty of Neuilly
  • Bled agreement (1938), a treaty permitting Hungary to re-arm contrary to the Treaty of Trianon
  • Wiederbewaffnung (rearmament), the American plan to help re-build Germany after World War II
  • Moral Re-Armament (MRA), an international religious movement that arose in 1938
  • Rearmament (album), album by American singer/songwriter Happy Rhodes