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RePOP is a load-balancing proxy server specific to the POP3 protocol. It operates by answering the initial POP3 handshake and authentication request from a POP3 client. RePOP obtains the username from the USER request from the POP3 client, and then looks for the location of the user's home POP3 server in a database. RePOP then initiates a connection to the requested user's home POP3 and reissues the USER request to the POP3 server. A standard proxy connection is connected through the RePOP server directly from the POP3 client to the user's home POP3 server for the remainder of the POP3 session.


RePOP was initially conceptualized and developed by Patrick Tiquet at Internet Services in 1997. Tiquet continued to oversee development and deployment into the e-mail system until his departure from JPSnet in 1999. RePOP continued to serve as an integral part of's mail system through their acquisition by and eventually RePOP was retired from use by when e-mail was migrated to a new e-mail system.

Repop Status[edit]

RePOP was developed as the intellectual property of There were attempts by developers in 1999 and 2000 to release the source code into the open source community. Today, the source code is currently not available for download on the internet. The ownership and licensing status of the RePOP source code is unknown.

RePOP Today[edit]

There are currently no known RePOP servers in use as of 2008.