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Café Tacuba Re.jpg
Studio album by Café Tacuba
Released July 22, 1994
Recorded Cuernavaca and Los Angeles, in studios CAN-AM and DEVONSHIRE
Genre Latin Alternative, Rock en español, Norteño
Length 59:53
Label Warner Music Mexico
Producer Gustavo Santaolalla
Café Tacuba chronology
Café Tacuba
Avalancha de Éxitos
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars link
Vocaciones Separadas 10/10 stars link

Re is the second studio album by Mexican band Café Tacuba, released in 1994. The album has been called "the equivalent of The Beatles White Album for the rock en español movement" by the New York Times.[1] The name comes from the second syllable in Solfege, and from it being their second album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "El Aparato" ("The Apparatus") Albarrán 3:19
2. "La Ingrata" ("The Ungrateful Woman") Del Real 3:32
3. "El Ciclón" ("The Cyclone")
  • Del Real
  • Albarrán
4. "El Borrego" ("The Sheep") Del Real 2:08
5. "Esa Noche" ("That Night")
  • J. Rangel
  • E. Rangel
6. "24 Horas" ("24 Hours") J. Rangel 2:19
7. "Ixtepec" ("Ixtepec")
  • J. Rangel
  • Del Real
8. "Trópico de Cáncer" ("Tropic of Cancer") Albarrán 4:38
9. "El Metro" ("The Subway") Del Real 3:46
10. "El Fin de la Infancia" ("Childhood's End") J. Rangel 2:19
11. "Madrugal" ("Song for Dawn") E. Rangel 1:08
12. "Pez" ("Fish")
  • J. Rangel
  • Del Real
13. "Verde" ("Green") Albarrán 1:55
14. "La Negrita" ("The Little Black Woman")
  • J. Rangel
  • E. Rangel
15. "El Tlatoani del Barrio" ("The King of the Neighborhood") Albarrán 3:27
16. "Las Flores" ("The Flowers") Del Real 2:16
17. "La Pinta" ("Hooky/Skive") Albarrán 2:49
18. "El Baile y el Salón" ("The Dance and the Ballroom")
  • J. Rangel
  • Del Real
19. "El Puñal y el Corazón" ("The Dagger and the Heart") Albarrán 4:22
20. "El Balcón" ("The Balcony") Albarrán 1:41


Re album established Café Tacuba's style of genre-switching, which hadn't been as prominent in their debut album, Café Tacuba, released two years earlier. Its sheer length - an hour long - and experimentation with musical styles has made it a favorite among fans. One notable aspect of the album is that it contains several musical genres, notably norteño, huapango, Banda, and Bolero music.

The album is considered by some to be the best Latin American album of all time.[2][3]

Colombian band Aterciopelados performed a song entitled Re as a homage to the band and the album on their 2016 live album Reluciente, Rechinante y Aterciopelado.


Band members[edit]


  • Sergio Toporek and Rubén Albarrán


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