Re Daniel Dawal Migel

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Re Daniel Dawal Migel
Re Daniel Dawal Migel film 1 dvd poster.jpg
DVD Poster
Directed by Roy de Silva
Produced by E.A.P Films
Written by Roy de Silva
Starring Bandu Samarasinghe
Tennyson Cooray, Ranjan Ramanayake
Sangeetha Weeraratne
Music by Somapala Rathnayake
Cinematography G. Nandasena
Lalith M. Gomez
Edited by Densil Jayaweera
Pradeep Mahesh
Distributed by E.A.P Films
Country Sri Lanka
Language Sinhala

Re Daniel Dawal Migel (Sinhalese: රෑ දනියෙල් දවල් මිගෙල්) is a 1998 Sri Lankan Sinhala comedy, action film directed by Roy de Silva and produced by Soma Edirisinghe for E.A.P Films. It is the first film of Re Daniel Dawal Migel film series. It stars comic duo Bandu Samarasinghe, and Tennyson Cooray in lead roles along with Ranjan Ramanayake, Sangeetha Weeraratne and Maduranga Chandimal.[1] Music for the film is done by Somapala Rathnayake. The film became one of Sri Lanka's blockbuster movies with reaching more than 150 days in cinema theatres.[2] It is the 894th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.[3]


Daniyel (Bandu) and Migel (Tennyson) are two kind-hearted, but thieves in the village. They were known to steal chickens, goats, cattle and also do canny things and they are caught by the village head master. With these incidents, they started to leave the village and move to town. After moving to town, two detectives cobra and his allie (Roy and Lietch) looking for Daniyel and Migel to arrest them. Meanwhile, Daniyel and migel were caught by gangs through a woman Madhuri (Sangeetha). After a fight, and Daniyel and Migel become friends with Madhuri. The gang is led by Chandi ayya (Ranjan) and they came to seek Madhuri. Daniyel and Migel rescues Madhuri and Chandi Ayya also left the gang and become friends. After many incidents, the four of them escape from two detectives several times and fall in love with higher noble families, indicating that the four are also very rich. Soon the lovers realized the fake and refused them. The final battle with Chandi ayya's former group is taken place and the four realized their lies. Daniyel and Migel are arrested at the end credits.



1."Semata Pihitawana"Hemasiri HalpitaNuwan Gunewardene, Gration Ananda, Champa Kalhari 
2."Sihilal Adara Pawane"Hemasiri HalpitaSamith Mudunkotuwa 
3."Mal Mal Sihinaya"Hemasiri HalpitaNuwan Gunewardene, Gration Ananda, Champa Kalhari 
4."Hitha Pathanaa Pathum"Hemasiri HalpitaNuwan Gunewardene, Champa Kalhari 
5."Maa Rahasin Amatha"Hemasiri HalpitaGration Ananda, Latha Walpola 


Two more films of the franchise have been released. The second installment Re Daniel Dawal Migel 2 was released on 2000 and third and final installment Re Daniel Dawal Migel 3 was released on 2004.


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