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REA or Rea may refer to:



Fictional characters[edit]

  • Princess Rea, a character in Friedrich Dürrenmatt's play Romulus der Große (Romulus the Great, 1950)
  • Rea Masaki (正木 玲亜, Masaki Reia), a fictional character in the Tenchi Muyo! series and only a character in the OVA continuity
  • T'Rea, a Vulcan priestess on Star Trek, mother of Sybok
  • Rhea Silvia (also written as Rea Silvia), and also known as Ilia), the mythical mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome



  • Mens rea, legal term, Latin for "guilty mind"
  • Rea Award for the Short Story, an annual award given to an American author chosen for unusually significant contributions to American short story fiction
  • Rhea (bird), sometimes misspelled "rea"
  • Rea Magnet Wire, manufacturer of a broad range of magnet wire and other specialty wire