Reach (Meredith Edwards album)

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Studio album by Meredith Edwards
Released June 5, 2001
Genre Country
Length 46:33
Label Mercury Nashville
Producer Richard Marx
Keith Stegall
Robin Wiley

Reach is the only album by American country music artist Meredith Edwards. It was released in 2001 by Mercury Nashville and peaked at #24 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. The album includes the singles "A Rose Is a Rose" and "The Bird Song."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "In Any Given Moment" (Daryl Burgess, Tia Sillers) – 4:11
  2. "A Rose Is a Rose" (Dave Berg, Deanna Bryant, Sunny Russ) – 3:01
  3. "The Bird Song" (Buzz Cason, Neil Thrasher) – 3:58
  4. "Ready to Fall" (Richard Marx) – 3:38
  5. "A Beautiful Mess" (Tony Martin, Bob Regan) – 2:41
  6. "You Get to Me" (Steve Mandile, Robin Wiley) – 3:55
  7. "But I Can't Let You Go" (Wiley) – 4:26
  8. "Slow Learner" (Al Anderson, Regan) – 3:44
  9. "This Is the Heartache" (Gary Harrison, Marx) – 4:18
  10. "Reach" (Marx, Keith Stegall) – 4:46
  11. "You" (Brett James, Troy Verges) – 4:04
  12. "Places in Your Heart" (Marvin Morrow) – 3:51


Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2001) Peak
U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums 24
U.S. Billboard Top Heatseekers 18