Reach for Me

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Reach for Me
Reach For Me.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Directed by Levar Burton
Produced by Charlene Blaine-Schulenburg
Hilary Carr
Mark A. Jones
Chan Mahon
Susan R. Rodgers
Mark Wolfe
Written by Michael Adams
Starring Seymour Cassell
Johnny Whitworth
Lacey Chabert
Adrianne Barbeau
Charlene Blaine-Schulenburg
Larry Hankin
Levar Burton
Alfre Woodard
Music by Julio Reyes
Cinematography Kriss Krosskove
Edited by Avril Beukes
AMediaVision Productions
Distributed by Brainstorm Media
Lost and Found Entertainment
Spotlight Pictures
Release dates
  • October 2008 (2008-10) (Oldenburg Film Festival)
  • December 18, 2009 (2009-12-18) (United States)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Reach for Me is a 2008 American comedy-drama film that portrays how we deal with life, love, laughter, and commitment in our last days with the realization that: It's not the minutes that count, but how we spend the moments. Among the many awards it has won, 'Reach for Me' garnered the prestigious AARP 'Movie's for Grownups' Breakthrough Accomplishment award.[1]

Reach for Me was the first digital film shot and edited, end to end, in 4K, filmed in Los Angeles, produced by AMediaVision Productions with producers Charlene Blaine- Schulenburg, Susan R. Rodgers and Mark Wolf, written by Michael Bruce Adams and directed by LeVar Burton. It stars Oscar Nominee Seymour Cassel, Johnny Whitworth, Golden Globe Nominee Adrienne Barbeau, Lacey Chabert and Oscar Nominee Alfre Woodard.


Reach for Me explores the age-old quandary of how we greet our final days - and who will be there with us at the end. Alvin, portrayed by Oscar Nominee Seymour Cassel, makes life hell for everyone else around him as a widower confined to his hospice bed. Old and bitter, Alvin is content to waste away the last of his disappointing life at Valley Meadow Hospice. He simply wants to be left alone but his wish is not granted when terminally ill Kevin (Johnny Whitworth) becomes his roommate.

Young and full of “life”, Kevin refuses to squander the precious moments he has left. Deeply in love, Kevin and his girlfriend Sarah (Lacey Chabert) are devoted to making their days fun and meaningful.

Encouraged to stand up for his life by his nurse Evelyn (Alfre Woodard) and stirred by the young couples zest for life, Alvin takes a chance and pursues Valerie (Adrienne Barbeau). With Valerie, Alvin confronts his fear, loneliness and regret and learns to love – maybe for the first time.

Reach for Me attempts to tackle end of life issues, by mixing comedy and drama. It's ensemble cast includes many award winners including Oscar Nominee Alfre Woodard[2] and Golden Globe Nominee Adrienne Barbeau.[3]

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Awards and festivals[edit]

AARP Magazine ‘Movies for Grownups’ Edition 2010 (Largest Publication in the U.S.)
- Breakthrough Accomplishment Award! (Award Show Los Angeles, California)

AARP’s ‘Movies for Grownups’ Film Festival (Las Vegas, Nevada)
- Special Feature

Lake Arrowhead Film Festival
- Best Feature
- Best of the Festival

San Diego Film Festival
- Audience Choice Award – Best Feature
- Seymour Cassel receives Indie Icon Award

Mill Valley Film Festival
- Official Selection
- Seymour Cassel is guest speaker of their prestigious ‘Insight’ Program

Downtown Film Festival – Los Angeles
- Centerpiece Gala Selection
- Seymour Cassel receives The Hollywood Reporter Lifetime Achievement Award

Tallgrass Film Festival (Wichita, Kansas)
- Centerpiece Gala Selection
- Seymour Cassel receives Ad Astra Award

Off Plus Camera Film Festival (Kraków, Poland)
- Press Favorite
- Seymour Cassel receives Special Tribute

Oldenburg International Film Festival (Germany)
- World Premiere Gala Selection
- Seymour Cassel given star on their walk of fame


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