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Reach stacker

A reach stacker is a vehicle used for handling intermodal cargo containers in small terminals or medium-sized ports. Reach stackers are able to transport a container short distances very quickly and pile them in various rows depending on its access.

Reach stackers have gained ground in container handling in most markets because of their flexibility and higher stacking and storage capacity when compared to forklift trucks. Using reach stackers, container blocks can be kept 4-deep due to second row access.

There are also empty stackers or empty container handlers that are used only for handling empty containers quickly and efficiently.[1]

Frontal view of two reach stackers 
Reach stacker loading a container from a freight train onto a truck 
Reach stacker carrying a small vessel on a flat rack, in a container yard 
U.S. military reach stacker 
The skystacker design incorporates elements of a forklift 

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Reach Stackers in operation

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