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Reading Science Fiction is a collection of 22 short essays edited by James Gunn, Marleen S. Barr & Matthew Candelaria. The collection explores a wide range of theoretical approaches to studying science fiction, such as gender studies, post colonialism and structuralism. The authors reference the various mediums through which science fiction has appeared including literature, film, television, as well as video games to define science fiction as a genre, trace its origins, as well as its parallels with contemporary society.


Part i Mapping Science Fiction[edit]

Part ii Science Fiction and Popular Culture[edit]

Part ii Theoretical Approaches to Science Fiction[edit]

Part iv Reading Science Fiction in the Classroom[edit]

  • Reading Science Fiction as Science Fiction - James Gunn
  • Reading Joanna Russ in Context: Science, Utopia and Post modernity - Jeanne Cortiel
  • Reading Science Fiction's Interdisciplinary Conversation with Science and Technology STudies -R. Doug Davis & Lisa Yazek

Part v Science Fiction and Diverse Disciplines[edit]


Several of the collection's essays were praised, however, the collection as a whole received criticism for not being entirely accessible to students new to science fiction.[1]


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