Reading the Vampire Slayer

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Reading the Vampire Slayer
Reading the Vampire Slayer (Buffyverse).jpg
Editor Roz Kaveney
Author Various.
Subject Buffyverse
Genre academic publication, Media Study
Publisher Tauris Parke Paperbacks
Publication date
March 18, 2004 (second updated edition)
Pages 288
ISBN 1-86064-984-X
OCLC 54899596

Reading the Vampire Slayer is an academic publication relating to the fictional Buffyverse established by TV series, Buffy and Angel.

Book description and contents[edit]

Covers both Buffy (up to its final season) and Angel (up to Season 4). The book gives in depth analysis highlighting show titles, quotes, key comments that foreshadow something else. The book progresses season by season discussing character growth, and many hidden metaphors.

These are the contents for the first edition (published 2001):

Chapter Title Author
"She Saved the World. A Lot: An Introduction to the Themes and Structure of Buffy and Angel" Roz Kaveney
"Entropy as Demon: Buffy in Southern California" Boyd Tonkin
"Vampire Dialectics: Knowledge, Institutions and Labour" Brian Wall & Michael Zryd
"Laugh, Spawn of Hell, Laugh" Steve Wilson
"'It Wasn't Our World Anymore--They Made It Theirs': Reading Space and Place" Karen Sayer
"'What You Are, What's to Come': Feminism, citizenship, and the divine" Zoe-Jane Playden
"'Just a Girl': Buffy as Icon" Anne Millard Daugherty
"'Concentrate on the kicking movie': "Buffy" and East Asian Cinema" Dave West
"Staking a Claim: The Series and Its Slash Fan-Fiction" Esther Saxey
"'They always mistake me for the character I play!': Transformation, identity and role-playing in the Buffyverse (and a defence of fine acting)" Ian Shuttleworth

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