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ReadyLink was a "walkie-talkie" service, which used Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), offered by the Sprint Nextel Corporation, in an effort to compete with then-separate Nextel Communications. It was necessary to have a Sanyo or a Samsung ReadyLink capable phone and a matching service-plan in order to use this feature. ReadyLink sought to mimic the forerunning "MOTO Talk"/Nextel walkie-talkie service, except that ReadyLink was created to operate on the Sprint CDMA network. It was discontinued[when?] shortly after the Sprint PCS acquisition of Nextel Communications.

Sprint has replaced Readylink with Qualcomm's QChat. This technology will run over the Sprint high-speed EV-DO data network, giving it the closest comparable speeds to Motorola's iDEN Direct-Connect in the push-to-talk industry.

In Canada, the Bell Mobility network (including Aliant and SaskTel Mobility) implements similar technology with their 10-4 service. Some of the same phones are available, and Bell subscribers can roam with the service on Sprint's network.[1]

Phones with ReadyLink:

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