Ready for the World (Ready for the World album)

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Ready for the World
Ready for the World 1985.jpg
Studio album by Ready for the World
Released September 17, 1985
Recorded 1984-1985
Genre Funk, electro, soul, pop
Length 42:28
Label MCA
Producer Ready for the World
Ready for the World chronology
Ready for the World
Long Time Coming
(1986)Long Time Coming1986

Ready for the World is the eponymous debut album from the Michigan-based band Ready for the World. It was self-produced by the band and released in September 17, 1985 by MCA.

About the album[edit]

Of the nine songs appearing on the original album, a total of six were used as singles. The lead track, "Tonight", became a local hit (which got the band signed in the first place), but only bubbled under the Billboard Hot 100 at number 103. However, it did much better on R&B charts, where it peaked at number 6. The second single, "Deep Inside Your Love", failed to reach the pop charts, but also peaked at number 6 on the R&B charts.

The band would have their pop breakthrough with their next single, the danceable funk number "Oh Sheila". It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, the R&B charts and the dance charts; it even managed to reach the UK, where it placed at number 50. "Digital Display" continued the momentum; despite reaching number 21 on the pop charts, it managed to nearly duplicate its predecessors' success with R&B fans, reaching a peak of number 4 on that chart, as well as also notching a number three showing on the dance charts.

The last two singles, "Slide Over" and "Ceramic Girl", fared rather poorly by comparison (neither was a pop hit, and their R&B chart showings stalled at 57 and 82, respectively).[1] Later, the album cut "Human Toy" was used as the b-side for their 1986 single, "Love You Down".


Despite the last two singles' dismal showings, the album itself sold respectably, and was later certified platinum for reaching sales of over one million copies. It reached a peak of number 17 on the pop album charts, while climbing to number 3 on the R&B album charts.

Track listing[2][edit]

  1. "Tonight" (Melvin Riley Jr., Gordon Strozier) 4:58
  2. "Digital Display" (Gregory Potts) 5:36
  3. "Ceramic Girl" (Riley Jr., Strozier) 4:17
  4. "Deep Inside Your Love" (Riley Jr., Strozier, Potts, John Eaton) 4:22
  5. "Oh Sheila" (Riley Jr., Strozier, Gerald Valentine) 4:00
  6. "Human Toy" (Riley Jr.) 4:32
  7. "Slide Over" (Riley Jr., Strozier, Potts, Valentine) 5:03
  8. "Out of Town Lover" (Riley Jr., Strozier) 5:02
  9. "I'm the One Who Loves You" (Riley Jr., Strozier, Potts) 4:32


  • Melvin Riley Jr.: vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Gordon Strozier: lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Gregory Potts: keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
  • John Eaton: bass, backing vocals
  • Gerald Valentine: drums, electronic percussion
  • Willie Triplett: electronic drums & percussion, backing vocals


  • Arranged & Produced by Ready for the World for Mignon Productions
  • Associate Producer: Bernard Terry
  • Recorded & Mixed by Bernard Terry & Louil Silas Jr. (at Silver Sun Recording; Flint MI), except tracks 1, 4 & 9 (recorded & mixed by Bernard Terry & Greg Reilly). Tracks 4 & 9 mixed at Digital Disc.
  • Tracks 2, 3 & 5-8 remixed by Louil Silas Jr.; engineered by Taavi Mote, with assistance by Dan Monroe
  • Mastered by Furture Disc Systems