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"Ready to Go"
Single by Republica
from the album Republica
Released 15 April 1996 (1996-04-15)
17 February 1997 (1997-02-17) (1997 version)
7 August 2007 (2007-08-07) (Tomcraft version)
7 June 2010 (2010-06-07) (2010 version)
Format CD single
Recorded 1995
Length 3:39 (radio edit)
5:01 (album mix)
Label Deconstruction/BMG (UK)
Kosmo Records (2007)
Independent Records Ltd (2010)
Songwriter(s) Republica
Producer(s) Republica
Republica singles chronology
"Ready to Go"
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"
"Ready to Go"
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"

"Ready to Go" is a song by Republica, released as a single on 15 April 1996. The original recording was not included on the band's debut album, Republica - two other versions of the song, the U.S. mix[1] and the original mix, were included. This version was later featured on a greatest hits collection, Ready to Go: The Best Of.

The single originally reached #43 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1996. It was re-released in February 1997, whereupon it reached #13. Tomcraft released another version of the song in 2007. Another version of the song was released on 7 June 2010, and reached #1 on the UK Upfront Club chart. The song continues to be successful in the UK, where it is still frequently featured in advertisements and on TV.[2]

Track listing[edit]

1996 UK CD
  1. "Ready to Go (radio edit)" – 3:39
  2. "Ready to Go (album mix)" – 5:01
  3. "Bloke" – 4:51
1997 UK CD
  1. "Ready to Go (radio edit)" – 3:39
  2. "Ready to Go (original mix)" – 5:01
  3. "Bloke" – 4:51
  4. "Holly (club mix)" – 8:03
2007 CD
  1. Ready to Go [Club Mix]
  2. Ready to Go [Radio Edit]
  3. Ready to Go [L&T's Latenight Mix]
  1. Ready To Go 2010 (Radio Edit) - 3:17
  2. Ready To Go 2010 (Full Length) - 4:15

Main versions[edit]

"Ready to Go" has many versions, mixes and remixes, of which most notable are:

"Ready to Go" versions
Name Description
"Ready to Go" (unreleased) Also known as "Ready to Go [1996]", "Ready to Go (Original)" or incorrectly as "Ready to Go (Album version)", it was not included in any of the band's albums. It is an unreleased song or probably an early demo with slightly different vocal (but lyrics remain the same). This version is softer than both the U.S. and Original mixes of the song. It doesn't have the piano bridge of the Original mix, nor the guitar bridge of the U.S. mix. The bridge is similar to that of the Original mix, except it doesn't have a piano. Very rare.
"Ready to Go" (Original mix) This version has a more techno-pop sound while the later version contains electric guitars. It charted at number 43 in the UK, and number 40 in Australia.
"Ready to Go" A new mix was included in the Republica album as the opening track. It was remixed by Ben Grosse. This version became highly popular in the United States. It sounds faster and its beat is stronger, making it heavier in terms of tones. On the UK and American issues of the Republica album, this mix of the song was credited just as "Ready to Go", and on the European issue of the album it is sometimes marked as "Ready to Go (U.S. mix)".[1] A defining difference between this mix and earlier recordings is the inclusion of a guitar bridge in the place of a piano bridge.
"Ready to Go" (Tomcraft version) German DJ Tomcraft released a Eurodance version of the track in 2007.
"Ready to Go 2010" A new version of the track was released in June 2010. A preview of the track was made available on the band's official MySpace page. The new version has a more aggressive sound than its two predecessors.
Other versions "Ready to Go" (Single Mix), "Ready to Go" (Dance Mix), "Ready to Go" (Original Mix - Radio Edit), "Ready to Go" (Dramaboy's Babyyan Mix), "Ready to Go" (Gavin and Scott Hardkiss' Remixica), "Ready to Go" (Original Extended Mix), "Ready to Go" (Radio Mix), "Ready to Go" (Album version).
Music videos
Name Description
Ready to Go (UK/Europe) In this video, lead singer Saffron is jumping on the roof of a building. The shots took place somewhere in East London. This video is very sunny and upbeat. It is said that it shows the hidden beauty of East London. The video also features lead singer Saffron playing the Sega Saturn video games Virtua Fighter 2 and Hang On GP.
Ready to Go (North America) This video is very different from the original British one. Saffron is shown jumping on a green field near a road, then she is dancing and doing humorous mimics in front of the camera. Some parts of the video are artificially colourised.

In popular culture[edit]

Film and television[edit]


  • It was used in the advertisement for Suse Linux Enterprise 10 by Novell.[when?][3]
  • Extracts from "Ready to Go" are used in the George at Asda adverts in 1998.
  • Extracts from "Ready to Go" have been used in the Halfords TV adverts since 2005.
  • Extracts from "Ready to Go" are used in the Eircell television adverts in Ireland during the mid-1990s.
  • Extracts from "Ready to Go" were used in some Dairy Queen advertisements that aired in 2003.
  • Mitsubishi used the song to kick off their new "Wake Up and Drive" advertising campaign for the new-for-1999 Galant.
  • "Ready to Go" can be heard in Australia and New Zealand on the television advertisements for Holden's range of motor vehicles (2006/2007).
  • It was used by MLB Network in April 2010 to advertise upcoming games.


  • From the first ever game at the Stadium of Light up until the 2005-06 season, Sunderland players came out on to the pitch to this song. The track proved a massive hit with Sunderland fans, to the extent that Republica were invited to perform the song live at the Stadium of Light for the last game of Sunderland's record-breaking, league-winning season in May 1999. For the occasion, lead singer Saffron wore a Sunderland top. It was replaced by U2's "Elevation", a switch which was unpopular with many fans. "Ready to Go" is now frequently used by many other clubs for when the players come out.
  • The Boston Red Sox usually play this song at Fenway Park before the game begins as the managers have the meeting at home plate each night.
  • The song was included on the NHL's Nashville Predators Check, Please! CD, and has been played before home games since 1998.
  • The Washington Capitals play this song before the third period of their home games at Verizon Center
  • It has been played at various U.S. sporting games such as the NBA and the WNBA. It is sometimes played right before the game starts or during a pivotal moment during the game.
  • The Dutch sports programme NOS Studio Sport used this song as intro for the highlights of the Barclays Premier League, every weekend.
  • The song was used in a video montage that contained highlights of the Chicago Bulls' 1996-97 NBA championship season.
  • The song was used by the Michigan State Spartans football team as they took the field until it was replaced by AC/DC's "Thunderstruck".
  • Extracts from "Ready to Go" were used for the title music of Sky Sports News's evening update from 2005 to 2007.
  • Darts player Mike Veitch uses the song as his walk-on music.
  • "Ready to Go" is included in The Official Euro 2000 Album
  • The Buffalo Bandits usually play this song at the start of the 2nd half, just before face off commences.
  • The song was used to advertise the 1998 Super Rugby season in New Zealand.
  • English Rugby League side Hull F.C. used it as their entrance music for the 14/15 super league season.
  • The song was regularly played pre-match by English football club Leicester City when they played at their former home, Filbert Street.


  • "Ready to Go" is the theme song for the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio. A 14-second snippet of the song is heard while waiting in line for the ride, sometimes upwards of ten billion times. It is also heard just before the ride begins, which signifies that the riders are indeed "ready to go," in other words, ready to ride the ride they are about to ride.[4]


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