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RealWorld Photos
Developer(s) RealWorld Graphics
Stable release
2008.1 / December 31, 2008; 8 years ago (2008-12-31)
Operating system Microsoft Windows (XP, 2003, Vista)
Type Raster graphics editor
License Shareware

RealWorld Photos is a raster graphics editor for Windows focused on photo retouching and batch image processing.


RealWorld Photos can be used to create and edit raster images using drawing tools or by applying image filters. The application supports 32-bit RGBA color format, layers, and image masks.

Lossless .jpg modifications[edit]

The editor is able to minimize losses caused by repeated JPEG decompression and compression. If an image is being saved, the application inspects the original image and if it finds unchanged regions, it copies them from the source image without re-compressing them thus eliminating any losses. This functionality is transparent to the end user.


Users can create their own scripted image filters using the JavaScript language. The application provides global objects to the script that enable to run filters, use drawing tools and create configuration boxes from the script.

Batch image processing[edit]

Filters can be applied to multiple images at once. It is possible to create droplets acting as shortcuts to given batch operation and perform batch processing directly from desktop.


Many aspects of the editor can be extended by native plug-ins (filters, drawing tools, fill styles, views, storages, etc.). The application is also able to use image filters compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

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