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The Real Canadian Liquorstore is an Albertan chain of liquor stores owned by Loblaws subsidiary Westfair Foods. The name is similar to that of the Real Canadian Superstore, a hypermarket chain also owned by Loblaws. The chain does not operate outside Alberta because legislation in other Canadian provinces and territories keeps liquor retailing strictly regulated and government-owned.

Alberta law does not permit a liquor store to be combined with a grocery store or similar operation and does not allow liquor to be sold in a grocery store or vice versa (limited exceptions are made for sparsely populated rural areas). However, Real Canadian Liquorstores are invariably located on the same property as another Westfair store, usually a Real Canadian Superstore. In accordance with Alberta liquor laws, these liquor stores have been required to be separate buildings, although recently supermarket-owned liquor stores that are not in separate buildings have been licensed provided they have completely separate entrances and are not internally connected to any other businesses.

Real Canadian Liquorstores sell a wide selection of liquor products such as beer, wine and hard liquor, including those under Loblaws' President's Choice brand.

Real Canadian Liquor Store also has the rights to Medallion Rum, Vodka, Rye, and Gin as well as the Toscano white and Red Cask wines. Real Canadian Liquor Store also sells some select wines that are exclusive to their stores .

As of November 2010, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission listed 34 licensed Real Canadian Liquorstore locations.[1]


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