Real Gone Woody

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Real Gone Woody
Woody Woodpecker series
Real Gone Woody 1.jpg
Directed by Paul Smith
Produced by Walter Lantz
Story by Michael Maltese
Voices by Dal McKennon
Grace Stafford
Music by Clarence Wheeler
Animation by Gil Turner
Laverne Harding
Robert Bentley
Herman Cohen (uncredited)
Backgrounds by Raymond Jacobs
Art Landy
Studio Walter Lantz Productions
Distributed by Universal-International
Release date(s)
  • September 20, 1954 (1954-09-20)
Color process Technicolor
Running time 6' 08"
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by Hot Rod Huckster
Followed by A Fine Feathered Frenzy

Real Gone Woody is the 56th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on September 20, 1954, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal-International.


Woody asks Winnie if she would like to go to the sock hop with him. She accepts, and Woody goes off to prepare for their date. Meanwhile, Buzz calls Winnie up to ask her to the sock hop, only to find she is already going with Woody. However, Winnie agrees that if Woody does not show up, she will go with Buzz. Buzz gets himself ready for the date, and beats Woody to Winnie's house. As Buzz and Winnie dance, Woody comes through the door and gets into a fight with Buzz. Winnie tells them to stop or she will not go with either one of them. She then suggest that all three of them go together, but once the trio gets outside Woody takes Winnie himself and ditches Buzz.

Woody and Winnie make it to the sock hop, where they hear a singer sing. Winnie likes the guy's singing, but Woody does not care for it. As Woody and Winnie dance, Buzz shows up and succeeds in disposing of Woody. The buzzard then takes Winnie to a drive-in restaurant to buy her a soda and a banana split for himself. Woody, dressed as a waitress, gives Buzz an explosive banana split. The two begin to fight once again, only to find Winnie riding away with the singer from the sock hop.

Winnie Woodpecker[edit]

Real Gone Woody features the only animated appearance by Woody's girlfriend, Winnie Woodpecker, in his theatrical series (International Woodpecker is not counted because she made a double cameo, just to help on Woody's storytelling). Winnie's other appearances were in merchandise and comic stories. Winnie became a regular in The New Woody Woodpecker Show, where she also starred in her own cartoon segments. However, unlike numerous comics and this cartoon, she is portrayed as Woody's best friend instead of his girlfriend.

In this cartoon, Winnie sported a ponytail. But in The New Woody Woodpecker Show, she looked like Woody did in most of his later appearances.


Real Gone Woody is the second Woody Woodpecker short where both Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard lose in the end, which occurred previously in Alley to Bali. Woody Woodpecker also loses in The Coo Coo Bird, Busman's Holliday, Tepee for Two, The Screwball, Solid Ivory, Well Oiled, Woody's Clip Joint, The Dizzy Acrobat, Bye Bye Blackboard, Rough Riding Hood, Ski for Two, Chilli Con Corny, The Tenant's Racket, What's Sweepin' and The Beach Nut.


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