Real Lives

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Real Lives
Real Lives 2010 Logo.png
Logo from the 2010 release of Real Lives.
Developer(s) Educational Simulations
Release 2001
Genre(s) Education, simulation

Real Lives is a 2001 educational video game designed by Educational Simulations and now taken over by Neeti Solutions, Pune, India. It allows players to live out lives of randomly generated people on Earth. Players are allowed to choose their occupation, living conditions, social activities, and start families, but all their decisions are affected by available statistical data. For example, if your character was born a girl in India, a database of Indian girl's names would be consulted as well as a database of Indian last names, Indian cities, Indian health statistics, etc. Throughout the game player's lives can be affected by random events such as floods, outbreaks of war, disease, car accidents and other major life changing events. Players get to play from the moment of birth until they die.[1][2][3] New features in the 2010 edition include a three-dimensional face for the player character and his or her relatives, the ability to start a business as an alternative of finding jobs and Google Maps connectivity.


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