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Real Sangria (Spain)

Reál Sangria is a fruity Spanish sangria produced from Spanish red wine and a blend of natural citrus fruit flavours. It is predominantly made from the Tempranillo and Garancha varieties, which are grown in La Mancha, Valencia, Alicante, and Rioja regions of Spain.

Réal Sangria is imported by Shaw-Ross, an importer of wine and spirit brands into the U.S. market.[1]


Reál Sangria is sold in a variety of different sizes. The standard bottle, Reál Sangria red is 750 ML. The Reál Sangria red 4-pack carries 4 individual bottles of 187 ML each. There is also a 1 Litre bottle and a box, which holds 3 Litres of sangria. Each bottle contains 7-10% alcohol per volume.

Real Sangria is introducing a new white sangria in America in 2010. Currently the product is quite popular in Europe, and especially in Greece.

In March 2013, Real Sangria Broke the Guinness Record for the largest sangria in Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, Florida.


Reál Sangria is the number one imported sangria from Spain in the U.S. It is sold in chain stores such as Publix, Wal-Mart, Trader Joe's and Albertsons in certain states around the country. These states include: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Montana,Tennessee, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska. In Europe the best selling area is Greece.