Real Stories of the Highway Patrol

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Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol
Genre Police Cars, crime, cinema verite
Created by Mark Massari
Starring Maury Hannigan
Opening theme "I'm Looking Out for You"
Ending theme Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 780
Producer(s) Mark Massari
Running time 33 minutes
Production company(s) Leap Off Productions
Mark Massari Productions
Distributor New World International (1993-1996 - International) (seasons 1-3)
New World Entertainment (1993-1997 - International) (seasons 1-4)
Genesis Entertainment (1993-1995 - United States) (seasons 1-2)
New World/Genesis Distribution (1995-1997 - United States) (seasons 3-4)
20th Television (1997-1998) (seasons 4-6)
Original network Syndicated
Original release 1993 – 1998
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Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol (sometimes referred to as RSHP or Highway Patrol) is a half hour syndicated television series which ran in the United States for six seasons from 1993 to 1998 for a total of 780 episodes,[1] capitalizing on the success of "real-life" police series such as COPS.

Production companies were Mark Massari Productions and Leap Off Productions and was distributed by Genesis Entertainment, New World International, and later New World/Genesis Distribution. The series is currently owned and distributed by 20th Television, which purchased New World's assets in 1997.


The series revolved around the stories of highway patrol officers and state troopers from across the country, who would give commentary on a particularly difficult (or sometimes, comedic) arrest they made. At times, the officer's work caused them grievous injury and a subsequent commendation from their department. Each crime and subsequent arrest was dramatized for the viewing audiences, though some segments were shot in a traditional multi-cam setup rather than emulating the cinéma vérité style of COPS.

The series was hosted by Maury Hannigan, who at the time was Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol.

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Episode Status[edit]

All episodes are assumed to exist. The first two seasons of episodes were last aired on the now-defunct Fox Reality Channel many times of the day. Reruns currently air on the Heroes & Icons subchannel network in the United States.

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