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Real Time (Van der Graaf Generator album)

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Real Time: Royal Festival Hall, London, 06.05.05
Live album by
Released5 March 2007
Recorded6 May 2005
GenreProgressive rock
LabelFie! Records
ProducerVan der Graaf Generator
Van der Graaf Generator chronology
Real Time: Royal Festival Hall, London, 06.05.05
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Real Time: Royal Festival Hall, London, 06.05.05 is a live album by Van der Graaf Generator, released in 2007 on Fie! Records (the label owned by the group's singer and principal songwriter Peter Hammill). It contains the entire recording of the group's reunion concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England on 6 May 2005.[2] The album includes at least one song from every album released between 1970-1976, plus their 2005 reunion album Present. Nothing is included from 1969's Aerosol Grey Machine and The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome, released in 1977 after Hugh Banton and David Jackson left the group. The album also contains "(In the) Black Room", a song performed live by Van der Graaf Generator in 1972 (a rehearsal recording was released on the collection Time Vaults); following the band's August 1972 breakup, it was released on Peter Hammill's 1973 solo album Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night, with Banton, Evans and Jackson all performing on the track.[3]

The Japanese release of the album includes a bonus disc of three songs recorded live at the reunion tour that followed the Royal Festival Hall concert, plus one track of improvisation recorded while the group were soundchecking ("Gibberish").

Track listing


Disc One

No.TitleWriter(s)Studio releaseLength
1."The Undercover Man"Peter HammillGodbluff (1975)8:29
2."Scorched Earth"Hammill, David JacksonGodbluff (1975)10:05
3."Refugees"HammillThe Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other (1970)6:01
4."Every Bloody Emperor"HammillPresent (2005)7:36
5."Lemmings"HammillPawn Hearts (1971)13:20
6."(In the) Black Room"HammillChameleon in the Shadow of the Night (1973)*11:16
7."Nutter Alert"HammillPresent (2005)6:05
8."Darkness (11/11)"HammillThe Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other (1970)7:20

(*) Peter Hammill solo album.

Disc Two

No.TitleWriter(s)Studio releaseLength
1."Masks"HammillWorld Record (1976)6:47
2."Childlike Faith in Childhood's End"HammillStill Life (1976)12:34
3."The Sleepwalkers"HammillGodbluff (1975)10:44
4."Man-Erg"HammillPawn Hearts (1971)11:36
5."Killer"Hammill, Chris Judge Smith, Hugh BantonH to He, Who Am the Only One (1970)9:55
6."Wondering"Banton, HammillWorld Record (1976)7:01

Bonus tracks on the Japanese edition (released on Strange Days Records)

No.TitleWriter(s)Studio releaseLength
7."Pilgrims" (recorded Paris, 12 July 2005)Hammill, JacksonStill Life (1976)7:30
8."When She Comes" (recorded Amsterdam, 23 July 2005)HammillWorld Record (1976)8:08
9."Still Life" (recorded Taormina, 15 July 2005)HammillStill Life (1976)7:51
10."Gibberish" (recorded Amsterdam soundcheck, 23 July 2005)Banton, Evans, Hammill, JacksonN/A13:37


Van der Graaf Generator


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