Really Saying Something: The Platinum Collection

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Really Saying Something: The Platinum Collection
Banana rsswp.jpg
Greatest hits album by Bananarama
Released 27 September 2005
Recorded 19812002
Genre New wave, dance, Europop
Label WEA International
Producer Jolley & Swain, Stock Aiken & Waterman, Dallin, Fahey, Woodward, O'Sullivan, Fun Boy Three, Dave Jordan, Little Paul Cook, Big John Martin, Youth
Bananarama chronology
Venus and Other Hits
Really Saying Something: The Platinum Collection

Really Saying Something: The Platinum Collection is one of several greatest hits collections by British girl group Bananarama, released in 2005. It was the second hits package released by Warner Music Group, parent company of Bananarama's label London Records (the first being The Very Best of Bananarama in 2001).

The 2005 compilation contains both singles and album tracks. Several songs were included on a Bananarama hits package for the first time. The collection also includes the song called "State I'm In", originally on their 1984 eponymous Bananarama album, which was never released as an independent single, but a music video was shot for it, making it one of seven videos shot for the album tracks, including the rare soundtrack single "The Wild Life", briefly appearing on a U.S. temporary re-release of the original source album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Really Saying Something" (with Fun Boy Three)
  2. "Young at Heart"
  3. "What a Shambles"
  4. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..."
  5. "State I'm In"
  6. "Rough Justice"
  7. "Do Not Disturb"
  8. "A Cut Above the Rest"
  9. "I Can't Help It"
  10. "Once in a Lifetime"
  11. "I Want You Back"
  12. "Love, Truth and Honesty"
  13. "Cruel Summer '89"
  14. "Only Your Love"
  15. "Is Your Love Strong Enough"
  16. "Heartless"
  17. "More, More, More"
  18. Tempus Fugit Mix: "Venus" / "I Heard a Rumour" / "Love in the First Degree"