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Really & Truly (full names Really Something and Truly Amazing) was a comic strip appearing in the British anthology 2000 AD, created by Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes. It ran in 1993 as part of the "Summer Offensive" and dealt explicitly with drugs. Morrison wrote it in one night after taking Ecstasy.[1]


  • Really, one of the main characters
  • Truly, the other lead
  • Johnny Zhivago, a cosmonaut
  • Scuba Trooper, a beat poet
  • Captain Nice, a government drugs agent who travelled in the House of Fun
  • Boss Buddah, a gangster


Really and Truly have to make a cross-country run in a style that mixes Hanna-Barbera with Josie & the Pussycats and On the Road. However, they have a well-defined "mission" (to deliver a consignment of drugs), big guns, much stranger passengers (Zhivago and Scuba Trooper) and far more determined, and unusual, pursuers (Nice and Buddah).


In its original run the strip appeared in eight installments in 2000 AD #842-849, (1993), and was reprinted in Yesterday's Tomorrows: Rian Hughes' Collected Comics (Knockabout Comics, 256 pages, 2007, ISBN 0-86166-154-0)

The House of Fun is a colloquial term for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Morrison reused the name later - it was the title of Volume 1 issue #22 of The Invisibles. [2]


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