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Realtime Games Software Ltd. was a British computer game developer, founded in 1984 by three Leeds University students Ian Oliver, Andrew Onions, and Graeme Baird.[1]

Their first game, 3D Tank Duel, was a wireframe graphics game, in the style of Atari, Inc.'s Battlezone arcade game, for the ZX Spectrum. This was followed up with Starstrike 3D, a game based on Atari's Star Wars arcade game. Carrier Command was published in 1988. The company was also involved[vague] in porting Elite to IBM PC compatibles and Starglider to the ZX Spectrum.

Realtime's early titles were self-published.[1] Later games were published by Rainbird.

Graeme Baird subsequently went to work for Psygnosis, while Ian Oliver founded Cross Products to produce game development systems for consoles, in a joint venture with Andy Craven of nearby Vektor Grafix.[citation needed]