Reaper's Train

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Reaper's Train
Studio album by A-180
Released May 1990
Recorded March 1990
Landmark Recording Studios
Genre Christian rock
A-180 chronology
You Turn
Reaper's Train

Reaper's Train is the second recording released by A-180, later known as Audio Adrenaline. It was released on cassette in 1990 and recorded at Landmark Recording Studios.

Production and distribution[edit]

Like their first recording, the cover artwork was done by Doug Henderson, fellow student at Kentucky Christian College. The band had more funds for this recording and included lyrics on the booklet. The quality of the recording is also much better. Production and mixing was primarily done by the band. The engineers at Landmark Recording Studio did all the engineering and contributed to some production.

A real drum kit was used instead of the electronic toms and kick as was used on "You Turn". Live cymbals and snare were used on "You Turn", however the toms were the electronic type popular at the time. Reaper's Train was relatively all new material at the time. All the songs were written within a year of the recording. The song "DC-10" drew a lot of attention and was popular at the live shows. This version also appears on Audio Adrenaline's first album with the Forefront.

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Runaway"
  2. "Tears Are Fallin'"
  3. "Heaven's Gate"
  4. "Say a Prayer"
  5. "Art for Sale"

Side two[edit]

  1. "DC-10"
  2. "You Were With Me"
  3. "Strong Back"
  4. "To Forgive"
  5. "On and On"


Band members[edit]

  • Mark Stuart - lead vocals
  • Dave Stuart - keyboards, vocals
  • Barry Blair - all guitars
  • Will McGinniss - bass
  • Ron Gibson - drums

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