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Rear of the Year
Rear of the Year logo.gif
Rear of the Year logo
Awarded for Celebrities considered to have a notable posterior
Country United Kingdom
Presented by Rear of the Year Ltd.
First awarded 1981 (One off presentation in 1976)
Currently held by Tom Hiddleston and Jennifer Metcalfe
Official website Official website

Rear of the Year is a light-hearted British award for celebrities who are considered to have a notable posterior. It was created by publicity consultant Anthony Edwards[1] and is organised by Rear of the Year Limited. It was for several years awarded to women only; now it is usually awarded to one woman and one man. Bookmakers are never supplied with a list of contenders, so their suppositions about the outcome are pure conjecture.


Barbara Windsor won the first award in 1976, presented as a one-off accolade. Five years later it became an annual event with Felicity Kendal taking away the honours. In 1986 the award was presented to a man for the first time (Michael Barrymore) and 1991 saw Marina Ogilvy, the daughter of Princess Alexandra, became the first royal recipient. From 1997 the awards have been presented annually to both sexes.

The event, staged for the past few years at London's Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane, attracts major national and international press publicity valued at circa £4.5 million.[citation needed] In 2012, Organiser Tony Edwards declared that female rears were starting to slim down as more women took to the gym, jogging, and keeping in trim in this Olympic year.

In 2014, Carol Vorderman became the first person to receive the award for a second time.



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