Reasonable Doubts (podcast)

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Reasonable Doubts Podcast
Hosted by David Fletcher
Jeremy Beahan
Justin Schieber
Luke Galen
Genre Religion
Updates Weekly
Original release October 19, 2007 – present

Reasonable Doubts was a weekly, one-hour podcast hosted by David Fletcher and co-hosted by Jeremy Beahan, Justin Schieber, and Luke Galen. The show featured host commentary on news and current events dealing with religion from a skeptical perspective. The show also featured regular segments on biblical criticism, psychology of religion, apologetics, mythology and occasional guest interviews.[1] Previous guests of the show have included Christopher Hitchens, Paul Kurtz, Dan Barker, D. J. Grothe, and Michael Shermer among others. The final episode aired on September 21, 2015.


  • David Fletcher
  • Jeremy Beahan
  • Justin Schieber
  • Luke Galen


Reasonable Doubts won the 2009 People's Choice Podcast Award for Best Religious/Inspirational Podcast.


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