Reasonable Faith (book)

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Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics
Reasonable Faith.JPG
3rd Edition
Author William Lane Craig
Language English
Subject Apologetics
Publisher Crossway Books
Publication date
Pages 415

Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics is a book written by William Lane Craig in 1994. The book began as a set of lectures for Craig's own class on apologetics.

In 2008, Craig released the Third Edition of Reasonable Faith, which featured mild revisions to the previous version. This updated edition builds a positive case for Christianity by applying the latest thought to core theological themes. Key sections in the third edition have been updated to reflect the latest developments in astrophysics, philosophy, probability calculus, the arguments for the existence of God, and Reformed epistemology.


William Lane Craig structured Reasonable Faith around the loci communes of systematic theology, and some of the most frequently discussed today include de Scriptura sacra (doctrine of Scripture), de creatione (doctrine of creation), de peccato (doctrine of sin), de Christo (Christology), de gratia (soteriology), de ecclesia (ecclesiology), and de novissimis (eschatology). For every topic, Craig first outlines the historical background of the issue in question to see how past thinkers have dealt with it. Second, he presents and defends his personal views on the topic, seeking to develop a Christian apologetic on the point. Third, he shares some thoughts and personal experiences on applying this material in evangelism. Finally, he provides bibliographical information on the literature cited or recommended for future reading.