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Reatogo-X-PE logo.png
Reatogo-X-PE Live CD.png
Reatogo-X-PE Live CD
Stable release Reatogo-X-PE build 240 / September 23, 2006 (2006-09-23)[1]
Operating system Windows XP
Type Live CD
Website The FREE Reatogo-X-PE Boot CD at the Wayback Machine (archived September 14, 2014)

Reatogo-X-PE is a Live CD builder. It can create a Live CD of Windows XP and is based on BartPE. Currently (as of June, 2008) it is the most complete Live CD of Windows XP, since it includes Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, applications other XP Live CDs don't include.


The builder for Reatogo-X-PE runs on Windows Vista but needs to be run under XP SP2 compatibility mode and run as administrator. It only creates XP Live CDs and cannot create Vista Live CDs.

While Reatogo-X-PE has no uninstaller and does not register as an application that can be removed from the Control Panel, it can be "uninstalled" merely by deleting its folder.

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