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Rabari, a caste of camel-herders - Tashrih al-aqvam (1825)
Traditional tattoos

Members of the Rabari or Rewari are a Indian community. In the state of Gujarat, they are pastoralists.

The Rabari are also known by other names such as Desai, Raibari Dewasi, Hiravanshi, Rebari, Rebadi and Rayka or Raika and also Maldhari.


The Rabari myth of origin is that Shiva put them on earth to tend to the camels owned by Parvati.[1] There are different opinions about the origin of each breed, such as different views about the race can be. It is a myth that when Lord Shiva in the Himalayas while austerity Parvati Camel figure from clay to entertain the mind began to play by. The untane were five feet. The figure of Shiva parvatijie life Funnel stubbornness. Sambhue innocent, surely, he said. After the untane graze problem, Parvati and Ganesh in the Camel's behest to look first thought it was a made man. With no goddess Apsara or himagirini Heaven he had married. (According to a legend 'rai' dynasty whose married name Apsara 'rayaka "known as). Four daughters. The four daughters wedding lived in the Himalayas different rajaputa (Kshatriya) caste men drove along, and the four men were the offspring of the marriage being outside the rule of the Himalayan nation is referred to as rahabari take that thought.

(Currently the thought of his deity, but litter is not an established icon.) It included the Huns and sakana dhada. She thought caste still has many surnames, from Attila the Huns thought might speculate that there caste mingled.


In the semi-desert Kachchh region of Gujarat, they and the Muslim Maldharis are the most significant of the pastoralist communities. In that area they consist of five related groups, being the Debar, Gardo, Kantho, Katchi and Ragad.[2]


The traditional Rabari are mainly occupied in the dairy industry. Other communities like them are identified by different names in different regions of the country like Bharwad, Maldhari, Dhangar, Gowda etc. The only commonality is the profession of cattle and camel raising.[citation needed]

They have lived in different parts of India for a millennia. The Rabari are comparatively a very recent migrant. They are part of the Huns (Hunas). Other Rebari tribes also each claim different origins. An example, the Oraon are the earliest inhabitants (Aboriginal) of the Orisa province in south east India. Prior to the arrival of the Aryan tribe or Sanskrit speaking people.[citation needed] Thought the original 'ravada' is derived. Revada means cattle or cattle, or flock of sheep. And that animals who flock preserver. 'Rewari' and known as a corruption of the word 'thought' came into existence as.



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