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Native name: Ruobbá
Norway - Rebbenesøya.png
Map of Rebbenesøya
Location Northern Norway
Coordinates 70°03′N 18°47′E / 70.050°N 18.783°E / 70.050; 18.783Coordinates: 70°03′N 18°47′E / 70.050°N 18.783°E / 70.050; 18.783
Area 80.6 km2 (31.1 sq mi)
Length 14 km (8.7 mi)
Width 10 km (6 mi)
Highest elevation 694 m (2,277 ft)
Highest point Geittinden
County Troms
Municipalities Karlsøy and Tromsø
Population 140 (2001)
Pop. density 1.7 /km2 (4.4 /sq mi)

Rebbenesøya (Northern Sami: Ruobbá) is an island in Troms county, Norway. The southern third of the 80.6-square-kilometre (31.1 sq mi) island is part of the municipality of Tromsø while the northern (larger) portion of the island is part of Karlsøy municipality. There is a regular ferry connection from Bromnes on the eastern end on Rebbensøya to Mikkelvik on the northwestern end of the neighboring island of Ringvassøya.[1]

Twelve Norwegian commandos from Company Linge were attacked by a German minesweeper in Toftefjord on the island of Rebbenesøya on 30 March 1943. The only person who managed to escape was Jan Baalsrud, who managed to escape to Sweden. A monument to those killed is located in Toftefjord. Baalsrud's flight is referred to in the novel Nine Lives, which was later made into a film, also called Nine Lives.

On Rebbenesøya, there are many mountains that are suitable for tourists who enjoy the outdoors and hiking. The highest point on the island is Geittinden at a height of 694 metres (2,277 ft). There are also about 20 fishing lakes.

The island's school is in Skogvika with 6 students (2012/2013). The island also has a convenience store located in Engvika.


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