Rebecca Chan

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Rebecca Chan
Chinese name 陳秀珠 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈秀珠 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Xìu Zhū (Mandarin)
Jyutping Chan3 Sau4 Chu1 (Cantonese)
Born (1958-10-20) October 20, 1958 (age 58)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Years active 1982–present
Ancestry Chaoyang, Guangdong, China

Rebecca Chan Sau Chu (born October 20, 1958; Hong Kong) is a TVB actress.[1] She joined TVB in 1979, when she competed at the Miss Hong Kong 1979 pageant. She finished as a top 10 semifinalist.


Year Title Role TVB Anniversary Awards
1982 The Legend of Master So
Love with Many Phases Chong Yik Ling
1983 The Legend of the Condor Heroes - The Eastern Heretic and Western Venom Ching Yiu-ka
1984 The Smiling, Proud Wanderer Yam Ying-ying
1985 The Sword Stained with Royal Blood Ho Tit-sau
The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Nam Nan
The Return of Luk Siu-fung Pak Ching-ching
1987 The Grand Canal Chan Mei-leung
The Seasons Yip Ching
1987 The Final Verdict Ma Yue-sin (Cindy)
1995 Detective Investigation Files II Yeung Hiu-ching (Betty)
1996 Food of Love Man Nga-chung
Journey to the West Princess Iron Fan
1998 As Sure as Fate Au-yeung Fung
Journey to the West II Princess Iron Fan
1999 Detective Investigation Files IV Lau Lin-heung
2000 The Legendary Four Aces Chan Chiu-yung
2001 Country Spirit Kuk Ying-fun
2002 Square Pegs Lau Seung-seung
2003 Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love Ma Oi-ling
2007 A Change of Destiny Yuen Tze-yan
2007-2008 Survivor's Law II Chin Siu-ham (Brenda)
2008 The Silver Chamber of Sorrows Lin Nin-wong
2008-2009 The Gem of Life Yu Wai-ting (Melissa)
2009 Burning Flame III Shum Yue-wah
2010 Ghost Writer Yip Wing-han
Gun Metal Grey Kan Chuk-kwan
Twilight Investigation Gei Ho-yan
2011 The Other Truth Shiu Man-wai
Curse of the Royal Harem Lady Shu
2011-2012 Bottled Passion Tung Kwok-hing
2012 The Greatness of a Hero Empress Mo
Master of Play Angela Mok Lai-hin
2013 Reality Check Ha Siu-han
2014 Swipe Tap Love Lo Oi-lam
2016 K9 Cop Chung Wai-kin
2017 Burning Hands Yau Yuen Wah (Celine)

Variety show (TVB)[edit]


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