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Rebecca Levene is a British author and editor. Author of The Hollow Gods fantasy novel series, in the 1990s she was editor of Virgin's New Adventures series of original fiction Doctor Who novels.[citation needed]


Levene was educated at Clare College, Cambridge.[citation needed] After graduating, she worked for a Labour MP.[citation needed] Levene then applied for a job at Virgin and began as an assistant to Peter Darvill-Evans working on the New Adventures.[citation needed] She later took over as editor of Virgin's Doctor Who lines, a period seen by many as a high point for Doctor Who prose fiction.[citation needed] She also worked on other projects at Virgin, including their Judge Dredd series and their gay erotica line, Idol.[citation needed]

Along with other Virgin alumni including Gareth Roberts and Lance Parkin, she became a storyliner for television soap Emmerdale for a period.[citation needed] Subsequent TV work included on Sky One's Is Harry on the Boat?[citation needed] She has also continued to work with Roberts on comedy projects for TV since, including the comedy sketch show Swinging.[citation needed] They had a sitcom optioned, but never produced by the BBC.[1]

Her first novel, the post-Doctor Who New Adventure Where Angels Fear, was co-written with Simon Winstone, her deputy and successor on the New Adventures.[citation needed] More recently, she has written for publisher Black Flame, including a Strontium Dog novel Bad Timing and a Final Destination novel End of the Line.[citation needed] She has written for Big Finish, including Doctor Who short stories and a Tomorrow People audio drama.[citation needed] An Eighth Doctor novel for the BBC, Freaks, was announced, but Levene pulled out of the project.[citation needed] She has also written for Doctor Who Magazine and for newspapers.[citation needed]

In recent years, she has written several books for Abaddon Books, including a new series for them called "The Infernal Game", and with Magnus Anderson wrote "Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders" recounting stories of British computer game developments, published by Aurum Press.[citation needed]

Levene has often written under pseudonyms, including as Evan Pritchard for BBC Books' Doctor Who short story collection Short Trips, and as Carla Marks for SFX.[citation needed]

In 2014 she published Smiler's Fair, the first in a four-part fantasy series The Hollow Gods published by Hodder & Stoughton.[citation needed] The second novel in the series The Hunter's Kind was published in July 2015.[citation needed]

She worked on the storyline and script for the Zombies, Run! smart phone app.[citation needed]


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