Rebekah (novel)

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Author Orson Scott Card
Country United States
Language English
Series Women of Genesis
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Forge Books (Tor)
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 416 pp
Preceded by Sarah
Followed by Rachel and Leah

Rebekah (2001) is the second novel in the Women of Genesis series by Orson Scott Card.

Plot introduction[edit]

Rebekah follows the story of Isaac through the eyes and perspective of Rebekah. Card expands the story into a novel of over 400 pages so many of the details and characters are fictional. The story-line does not deviate from the story told in Genesis.

Author's comments on the book[edit]

In his introduction to the book, Scott Card says that much of what he includes in the novel is speculation and adds that, "The task in this novel was to show how good people can sometimes do bad things to those they love most." He goes on to say, "Isaac was headed for a disastrously wrong decision; Rebekah chose an equally wrong method of stopping him...but in the end, the result was a good one because good people made the best of it despite all the mistakes." [1]

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