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Rebelde is a Mexican comic book series, published by ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio, based on the telenovela of the same title. The comic was first published April 2006. The series' art was advertised as being based on the style of Japanese manga, but evidently it doesn't have the same format, art style, or structure, thus leading to believe that there is the possibility that the producer Pedro Damián referred to it as manga only as a publicity stunt to attract a larger audience, aided by the fact that Ka-Boom! Estudio has never produced a single Manga work before, focusing only on American style comic.

The artistic team is formed by Rebeca Soriano, writer; with art (in the first 2 issues) by Jorge Reséndiz, inks by Eridan Zumaya and color by Guillermo Piña; writing direction by Susana Romero; art direction by Oscar González Guerrero, and the direction and editing of the project by Oscar González Loyo.

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