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Rebelles Européens was one of the most prominent white power rock record labels in the 1980s. The label was formed in Brest, France, by PNFE activist Bodilis Gael in 1987. Before Gael formed the label, he was a manager of French Rock Against Communism band Brutal Combat. Unlike the German white power rock label Rock-O-Rama Records, Rebelles Européens releases were almost exclusively of white power/Rock Against Communism bands, whereas Rock-O-Rama also had hardcore, left-wing and apolitical punk bands in their releases. Rebelles Europeéns releases were also never censored, and the label was the first to release openly National Socialist rock music, including No Remorse's first album This Time The World (1988). The label's record covers were usually very provocative, including Swastikas and other racist themes.

From 1987 through 1994, the label released 45 12-inch records, 30 7-inch records and five CDs .


Artist Title Year Format, Special Notes Code
Skin-Korps Mister Clean 1987 LP RE330187
V/A Bunker 84/Legion 88/Skin-Korps Debout Vol. 1 1987 LP RE330287
Bunker 84 Notre Combat! 1987 LP, CD RE330387
No Remorse This Time The World 1988 LP, CD RE330488
Legion 88 Thule 1988 LP, CD RE330588
V/A Bunker 84/No Remorse/Verde Bianco Rosso Debout Vol. 2 1988 LP RE330688
Bunker 84 Liberté! 1988 LP RE330788
Machtoc Premiere Foie 1989 LP RE330889
V/A Dirlewanger/Powerskins/Nouvelle Croisade Debout Vol. 3 1989 LP RE330989
Public Enemy There Is Only One Public Enemy 1989 LP, CD RE331089
V/A Chauves Pourris/Lionheart/Guarda De Ferro Debout Vol. 4 1989 LP RE331189
Verde Bianco Rosso Europa 1989 LP RE331289
Kontingent 88 Au Service De Nos Ancétres 1989 LP, CD RE331389
Lionheart A New Beginning 1989 LP RE331489
Dirlewanger Rocking For The Golden Race 1989 LP, CD* RE331589
V/A Public Enemy/No Remorse/Dirlewanger/Legion 88/Kontingent 88/Bunker 84/Chauves Pourris/Lionheart/White Lightning/Verde Biance Rosso 100 Birthday 1989 LP, CD RE331689
Chauves Pourris Jusqu'a La Mort 1990 LP RE331790
Sturmtruppen Es ist beit 1990 LP, CD RE331890
Klasse Kriminale Ci Incontreremo Ancora 1990 LP RE331990
Peggior Amico Il leone ruggisce ancore 1990 LP RE332090
White Lightning Destiny 1990 LP RE332190
Lionheart Ride Of The Valkyries 1990 LP RE332290
Noie Werte Kraft für Deutschland 1990 LP, CD RE332390
Dirlewanger Unity of Honour 1990 LP, CD** RE332490
Verde Bianco Rosso Radroni Del Mondo 1991 LP RE332591
Kontingent Generations Futures 1991 LP RE332691
Open Season Front Line Fighters 1991 LP, CD*** RE332791
Public Enemy Our Weapon Is Truth 1991 LP, CD RE332891
Battle Zone Nowhere To Hide 1991 LP RE332991
Paul Burnley & The 4th Reich A Nation Reborn 1991 LP, CD RE333091
Powerskin Celtica Bianca Spada 1991 LP RE333191
Paul Burnley & The 4th Reich Save the White Race 1992 LP (12-inch EP) RE333292
V/A White Noise/Division S/Verde Bianco Rosso Debout Vol. 5 1992 LP RE333392
Ultime Assaut Deliverance 1992 LP RE333492
Guarda De Ferro G.D.F. 1992 LP RE333592
Soccer Hooleys We Are The Soccer Hooleys 1992 LP RE333692
V/A British Standard/Close Shave/Grade One/English Rose/Razor's Edge/Paul Burnley & The 4th Reich Last chance... 1992 LP RE333792
English Rose Never Be Silenced 1992 LP RE333892
Dirlewanger white power rock 'N' Roll 1992 LP RE333992
No Remorse/Dirlewanger Desert Storm 1992 LP (12-inch EP) RE334092
Force De Frappe Orage Mechanique 1992 LP RE334192
Nahkampf Schutt und Asche 1994 LP, CD**** RE334294
Skullhead Victory or Valhalla 1994 LP RE334394
Division 250 Sangre De Conquistadores 1994 LP RE334494
Tolbiac's Toads 1983–1987 1994 LP RE334594


  • RE450187 Legion 88 'Terroristes'
  • RE450287 Bunker 84 'Vieux Continent'
  • RE450387 Brutal Combat 'Passe A L'oueste'
  • RE450487 Bunker 84 'Victime Des Democraties'
  • RE450588 Legion 88 'Terroristes'/'Vaincre' (2nd pressing, 300 copies made)
  • RE450689 Lionheart 'Better Dead Than Red'
  • RE450789 Chauves Pourris 'Censure'
  • RE450889 Peggior Amico 'Copevole Di Essere Bianco'
  • RE450989 Public Enemy 'Waiting For The Storm'/'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Reg 'Elton John' Dwight cover)
  • RE451089 Kontingent 88 '1789/Mohamed'
  • RE451189 No Remorse 'Time Will Tell'/'Solly'
  • RE451289 No Remorse 'Smash The Reds'/Race Traitor'
  • RE451389 Power Skins 'Mittel Europa'
  • RE451489 English Rose 'Proud Nationalist Warriors'
  • RE451589 Battlezone 'Way Of Death'/'National Sorrow'
  • RE451690 Nouvelle Criosade 'Tu Aimeras'
  • RE451790 Verde Bianco Rosso "Bionda Rossa E Nera'
  • RE451890 Battlezone 'Right To March'/'Squalor'
  • RE451990 Public Enemy 'For You'/'The Oath'
  • RE452090 Lionheart 'Sign Of The Times'
  • RE452190 Dirlewanger 'Nigger Season'/'Proud Of My Race'
  • RE452290 Violent Storm "Land Of My Fathers'
  • RE452390 Division S 'Efter Revolutionen'
  • RE452490 Public Enemy 'Salute'/'White Nation Rock'
  • RE452591 Legion 88 'Legion Blanche'
  • RE452691 Ultima Thule 'Havets Vargar'
  • RE452791 Grade One 'Hail The New Land'
  • RE452891 Ultime Assaut 'Paris'
  • RE452991 Peggior Amico 'Diritto Di Marciare'
  • RE453092 Ovaltinees 'British Justice E.P.'
  • RECD0191 Noie Werte 'Kraft Fur Deutschland'
  • RECD0291 Battlezone 'Nowhere To Hide'
  • RECD0391 Paul Burnley & The 4th Reich 'A Nation Reborn'
  • RECD0492 No Remorse 'This Time The World'
  • RECD0592 Ultima Thule 'Svea Hjaltar'
  • RECD44 Debout Vol. 6 Oi Oi! Skins (Ovaltinees/Kontingent/Battlezone/Power Skins/Lionheart/Grade One/Legion 88/Chauves Pourris/Vengeance/ABH/Diehards/Quick & The Dead)
  • CDs "WHITE LEAGUE" label:
  • WL9501 Public Enemy 'There Is Only One Public Enemy'
  • WL9502 Legion 88 'Thule'
  • WL9503 100 Birthday
  • WL9504 Dirlewanger S/T
  • WL9505 Bunker 84 "Notre Combat'
  • WL9506 Kontingent 88 "Au Service De Nos Ancetres'
  • WL9507 Public Enemy 'Our Weapon Is Thuth'
  • WL7 Legion 88/Open Season split 7-inch

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