Rebellion of Puebla

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The Rebellion of Puebla in 1823 was an armed conflict led by independence-supporting factions fraction after the fall of the First Mexican Empire and the victory of the Casa Mata Plan Revolution.

Rebellion of Puebla
DateDecember 1823
Result Provisional Government Victory
Provisional government Independents
Commanders and leaders

Vicente Guerrero

Manual Gomez Pedraza

Jose Maria Calderon

Jose Antonio de Echávarri
800 Soldiers Guerrero Division 1,030
Casualties and losses
100 dead and 290 injured 600 dead and 400 captured

The Sovereign State of Puebla[edit]

While the Revolt of Querétaro was ongoing, the province of Puebla declared itself a sovereign state, installing a government composed of Brigadier José María Calderón; Manuel Posada Garduño, who was later appointed Archbishop of Mexico; and others.

State response[edit]

To repress this independent proclamation, the Mexican government decided to send 800 soldiers under Manuel Gómez Pedraza and the division commanded by General Vicente Guerrero. Both forces restored the provincial order. Once General José Antonio de Echávarri's involvement was discovered, gave his forces to Gómez Pedraza and went to the capital to refine his conduct.


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