Rebuilt by Humans

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Rebuilt by Humans
Rebuilt by Humans.jpg
Studio album by Newton Faulkner
Released 28 September 2009
Recorded Spring 2009–Summer 2009
Genre Folk rock, pop rock, art rock
Length 53:13
Label Ugly Truth Records
Producer Mike Spencer
Newton Faulkner chronology
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(2007)Hand Built by Robots2007
Rebuilt by Humans
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(2012)Write It on Your Skin2012
Singles from Rebuilt by Humans
  1. "If This Is It[1]"
  2. "Over and Out[1]"
  3. "Let's Get Together[1]"

Rebuilt by Humans is the second album by British singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner. It was released on 28 September 2009.[2] "If This Is It" was released as the first single from the album, with "Over and Out" being the second single and "Let's Get Together" being the third single.[3]


Regarding the album's title, Faulkner stated:

It's based around an accident I had, where I basically broke my wrist on Boxing Day, five days before I was meant to start recording the second album. So it was like a really proper close call and they used a rather large metal plate, in fact they were using the x-ray as part of at the artwork, when you take the CD out of the case it's going to be behind that.[4]


The album's lyrics explore the management of relationships, friendships and daily life, with most if its songs analysing the connections people form with each other, both positive and negative. Other recurring themes include the appreciation of nature and the great outdoors, the desire to better oneself, and peace between human beings.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Newton Faulkner, except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Intro (Interlude)"   0:33
2. "Badman" N. Faulkner, Toby Faulkner 3:08
3. "I Took it Out on You" N. Faulkner, T. Faulkner 2:56
4. "Hello (Interlude)" N. Faulkner, T. Faulkner 0:31
5. "If This is It" N. Faulkner, Adam Argyle 4:02
6. "Resin on My Heart Strings"   4:09
7. "Lipstick Jungle" N. Faulkner, Dee Adam 4:18
8. "Been Thinking About It"   3:30
9. "Let's Get Together" N.Faulkner, T. Faulkner 2:42
10. "She's Got the Time 2 (Interlude)"   1:17
11. "Won't Let Go" N. Faulkner, Keigo Oyamada 3:34
12. "Resin Theremins (Interlude)"   0:28
13. "First Time" N.Faulkner, A. Argyle 3:41
14. "Over and Out" N.Faulkner, Ben Earle, Craigie Dodds 3:19
15. "Cheltenham (Interlude)"   0:49
16. "So Much"   3:41
17. "This Town" N. Faulkner, D. Adam 3:34
18. "I'm Not Giving Up Yet"   3:55
iTunes bonus track
No. Title Length
19. "Soundwaves" 3:19


The album received critical acclaim, and reached #3 on the UK album charts on the week of its release.


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