Rebujas Rock

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Rebujas Rock
Genre Rock
Dates September
Location(s) San Mateo Cantabria
Years active 1997 – present
Founded by S.C.D. Rebujas

The Rebujas Rock is a Rock Music Festival which is held every September in the village of San Mateo, Cantabria Spain.



What began in 1997 as a small festival where local rock groups and groups of traditional music performed and no more than 600 people attended in the first year, is today a reference to national festivals that attracts more than 9,000 people while maintaining the identity of the beginnings and with it the free admission and free camping. There is no profit motive, and it is organised by the S.C.D. Rebujas.

Since 2002 the Rebujas Rock is held in memory of Gabriel Gutierrez Laguillo. The year 2009 as the big news came to light a tribute song to the Festival ;"Que No Amanezca", which have worked in the major rock groups throughout the state. Besides being an indelible anthem serves as an important tool to defend and claim the status of San Mateo as the People to avoid extinction. It is the first musical work that is published throughout the long history of people and leaving fruit to the work of the SCD Rebujas.


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