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This article is about the video game. For the lead character of the Flame of Recca anime/manga series, see Recca Hanabishi.
Summer Carnival '92: Recca
Summer Carnival 92 Recca Japanese Famicom box art.jpg
Japanese Family Computer box art
Developer(s) KID
Publisher(s) Naxat Soft
Programmer(s) Shinobu Yagawa
Composer(s) Nobuyuki Shioda
Platform(s) Family Computer,
3DS Virtual Console
Release Family Computer
  • JP: July 17, 1992
3DS Virtual Console
  • JP: December 12, 2012
  • EU: August 15, 2013
  • AU: August 15, 2013
  • NA: September 5, 2013
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Summer Carnival '92: Recca (サマーカーニバル'92 烈火?), commonly referred to as Recca (meaning "raging fire"), is a 1992 scrolling shooter video game developed by KID and published by Naxat Soft for the Family Computer. As its name implies, Recca was created for a shooting game competition called the "Summer Carnival" by Naxat Soft, which took place on July 17, 1992.[1][2] The game was known for pushing the Famicom to its limits, having high sprite counts while maintaining fast speeds.[3][4]

As only a few copies were sold, the game is now quite rare, with cartridges selling for around 20,000 yen. However, a download version of Recca was released for the Nintendo eShop on December 12, 2012, costing only ¥500.[5] It also was released for the first time in North America and Europe on the Nintendo eShop on September 5, 2013 and August 15, 2013 respectively.


The title screen of Summer Carnival '92: Recca.

Recca is described by shoot 'em up fans and reviewers as one of the toughest games in history.[citation needed] Although it is a little known game, Recca is one of the few games that pushed the hardware of the Famicom console. Recca worked around sprite limits of the Famicom hardware by showing sprites for effects like explosions every other frame (at 30fps instead of 60fps).[6] One reason for its general obscurity is due to the fact that upon its release in 1992, focus was already on the Famicom's successor, the Super Famicom console.

By using a rom hack or cheat code, the Sega logo appears and explodes, then the Nintendo logo appears. ("Sega" and "Nintendo" are spelled with "?"s instead of "e"s.)[7]


The soundtrack for the game was composed by Nobuyuki Shioda. It was released by Scitron on September 21, 2005 as Legend Consumer Series - Summer Carnival '92 Recca Original Soundtrack.

Legend Consumer Series - Summer Carnival '92 Recca Original Soundtrack
No. Title Length
1. "AD 2302 (Opening Demo [Unused])" 0:35
2. "RECCA (Title / Inverse Stage 7)" 1:05
3. "JETTER (Stage 1 First Half / Inverse Stage 5)" 4:23
4. "CRISIS (Boss)" 2:01
5. "M.O.M (Stage 1 Second Half / Inverse Stage 3)" 4:09
6. "HYDE (Stage 2 / Inverse Stage 6)" 4:10
7. "ELM-39 (Stage 3 / Stage 4)" 3:26
8. "D.A.D (Inverse Stage 1)" 2:47
9. "TERA (Inverse Stage 2)" 4:37
10. "DEEPSPACE (Inverse Stage 4)" 2:58
11. "BOSTUNE (Final Boss)" 1:48
12. "DEATH-TROY (Ending)" 2:58
13. "HIENER (Score Attack First Half)" 3:41
14. "GELGOOG (Score Attack Second Half)" 4:09
15. "OVER (Game Over)" 0:06
16. "LOVIN' YOU" 1:08
17. "DREAMIN' YOU" 1:36
18. "THROBBIN' YOU" 0:54
19. "HYDE-JEKYLL MIX (Summer Carnival '92 Recca Self-Arrange Version)" 4:18
20. "JSR $2302 (Summer Carnival '92 Recca Arrange Version)" 5:44
Total length: 56:33


Nintendo Life rated the 3DS Virtual Console release an 8/10 and commented that "it's hard to recommend Recca to anybody but the most die-hard fans of the genre. Despite this, however, it is easily one of best and most impressive shoot 'em up games made for the system, and anybody who isn't afraid of a challenge (or using save states a lot) will find this a more than worthy pickup."[8]


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