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Receiver or receive may refer to:

In technology[edit]

  • The listening device part of a telephone
    • The handset that sometimes contains the above device
    • The headset (audio) that can also contain the above device
  • AV receiver, part of a home theater system
  • Citrix Receiver, a software client application used for virtualization
  • Digital media receiver
  • Receiver (firearms), which houses the working parts of the firearm
  • Receiver (modulated ultrasound), a device that converts a modulated ultrasonic wave into usable information
  • Receiver (radio), an electronic device that converts a signal from a modulated radio wave into usable information
    • Tuner (radio), a subsystem that receives radio frequency (RF) transmissions and converts into a fixed frequency
  • Television set, "telly" (UK), is a device that combines a tuner, display, and speakers for the purpose of viewing television
    • Tuner (television), a subsystem that converts radio frequency analog television or digital television transmission into audio and video signals


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